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7 Principles of User-Generated Content

Word of mouth is arguably the most powerful marketing tool.

In fact, it’s so powerful that we’ve started to consciously rely on it. When we Google a product or search for it on Twitter, we are actively looking for what people are saying about it.

And notice I said "people." Not reporters, not companies, not commercials...people.

We seek out consumers just like us who have tried the product we’re prospecting because those are the opinions we trust.

That trust stems from user-generated content (UGC), which is content produced by consumers and not brands. This can be anything from user reviews, testimonials, blog posts or social media posts about the products.

In fact, according to a 2012 BazaarVoice report, 51% of Americans trust user-generated content on a company's website. Even when compared to info on a company's own website (16%) and news articles about the company (14%).

That means it’s in your best interest to get people talking about your brand and products. [Continue Reading...]

11 Pros Spill Their Guts About Ecommerce Content Marketing

Spray and pray. Reaching in the dark. Shooting blanks.

These might be the first phrases that come time mind when you think about content marketing.

But why? Is it because your goals aren't defined? You don't know your customer? Or you just don't have the patience?

You know publishing great content is important, but how do you turn that content into sales? Well, hold on there, Tex. You might be missing a couple steps.

Recently, Rand Fishkin of Moz described the #1 myth in content marketing which is that a lot of people, myself included at times, think that producing great content will instantly yield sales, opt-ins and subscribers.

This is not that case. [Continue Reading...]

How To Find Hundreds of Blog Topics With This Simple Strategy

Choosing the right blog topics for your product can be difficult.

What do you write about? Sometimes there are too many options sometimes there aren’t any.

This post is going to walk you through step-by-step a process that I use to cultivate blog topics that will attract customers in your niche.

The best content for your blog may not always be directly related to your product. If you’re going to create content to attract buyers, it should be something that

  1. they’re interested in and
  2. something worth sharing.

But before you get there you have to uncover a topic related to your product that people are interested in. And more importantly, you have to tap into a market of people who would actually be interested in buying your product.

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Etsy SEO for Long Tail Keywords

There are a lot of good resources out there about Etsy SEO and how to optimize your Etsy product page for search engines, but I want to explore in more detail how to rank higher in Etsy's own search engine.

After some careful experimentation it seems that Etsy SEO and their own search algorithm might not be that complicated for long tail search terms.

My wife's Etsy shop AbleGrable sells vintage kitchen items. She has an item that is a Federal Glass bowl with a sunflower design on it. It was showing up in Etsy's search for the phrase "federal glass sunflower bowl". Granted this is quite a specific search phrase but I wanted to find a search where the product was showing up on the first page of the Etsy search results.

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Find Your Target Audience With These 14 Free Tools

You have a lot of customers.

Hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions (if you're lucky). The problem is finding them.

What do they do online? What sites do they visit? Who do they follow? What do they share? What are their pain points? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself as you try discovering your target audience.

Without answering those questions, marketing your product or service is going to be an arduous journey so best start by finding out where and how your potential customers spend their time online. These tools are meant to help you get started in finding your next batch of targeted customers.

I've broken them down into a few of categories to make it a little more organized for you: Social, Surveys, Traffic, Keywords, Forums and Content. Let's get started!

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Earning Authority in Your Niche Isn’t as Complicated as You Think

Ask yourself this question: what do people want when they search the web?

They want answers. They want expert knowledge. They want to know the blogger they just discovered is an expert.

Why? Because who wants to hear from the novice? Who wants to know what the eighth tallest building is. Instead, we want the most profound, well-researched , entertaining and relevant content that exists.

Like Brian Dean said in his epic link building post, “it’s human nature to be attracted to the best.”

Stop overthinking your content strategy and start trying to be the best.

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