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Scott Taft and Bowie the dog

Today we consume more content online than ever before and it’s only growing.

But I’m not interested in speaking to the consumers. I’m interested in you, the creators.

Only about 1% of people online are creators. The rest? They’re what I call lurkers.

There’s nothing wrong with being a lurker. Most of the time, I’m a lurker, until I’m struck with the urge to create. When I do get that urge, I’m interested the best way to create and promote what I need to say.

That’s why I started OG Content – to teach aspiring bloggers and content marketers the best way to create and promote content for their businesses, their passions or their hobbies.

My name is Scott Taft. I live in Philadelphia¬†with my wife and 2 dogs. Content marketing is my passion and OG Content is my way of exploring strategies and processes that work. I want to teach you to be better at marketing on the web. I hope you read something that helps you and if it does please share it with a friend or coworker because we’re all in this together.

If you want to talk sometime, drop me a line at scott@ogcontent.com.

Thanks for visiting OG Content.

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