This is the first post of OG Content, a blog I am starting that is about…well, content!

Starting now, for a year, I will post once a week.  As an SEO and someone who preaches the power of small business blogging, I should practice what I preach and post as consistently as possible which is why I shall follow the once a week schedule.  This schedule should also lead to some nice transparent posts about what it takes to grow a blog in a year.  I’ll will definitely be sharing my traffic stats with you all so together we can look at this strategy and see what’s working and what isn’t.

The Philosophy

a discussion on philosophy

Like I said above this blog is going to be about content.  What is content?  What isn’t content (nothing)?  How are companies and brands using it?  Who’s using it incorrectly, who’s using it amazingly?

I believe lately that content is at the heart of all successful ads, websites, campaigns, revolutions, speeches, education, entertainment, etc.  Just about everything only thrives if it has good content.  And when I say content I mean words, video, images, ideas, music, original thoughts translated into a physical representation.

You could argue this blog is about everything (it’s not).

I am going to strive to look at strategies and campaigns that I’ve seen or implemented myself that deliver good content .  To be “good” means the subject and execution struck a chord with someone, it started a conversation, it changed someone’s mind, it made them buy something, it made them not buy something.

We’re in the middle of a revolution…

My obsession with content started about 6 months ago when I began a new job at a web design agency.  I was immediately introduced to this thing called SEO.  After tracking down the best blogs on the subject I began to realize I was in the middle of a revolution.  Apparently SEO used to be extremely dirty and spammy (I think it mostly still is).  But there is a new leaf being turned.  There are people out there who care about the state of the internet and the matter that’s being pumped into it (onto it?).

There is a new mentality lingering though that all you need is good content and you’re done!

As a sole strategy , we all know that’s a load of garbage.  Even if you’re the best writer, graphic designer or videographer, if people don’t know your content exists then…peanuts.  Nothing happens.  You can’t just make an awesome infographic and sit back and wait for the links to roll in.  There is a load of marketing and PR that goes into spreading good content.  The point most advocates for good content are making is that good content is easier to market.

So, taking this with a huge grain of salt I began becoming an advocate for good content myself.  I will admit that currently I am guilty of some spammy SEO practices, but I hope that this year will document a transformation towards a more ethical and unique form of SEO and content marketing (and hopefully I’ll come up with great strategies to share with you all!).

What Is OG Content All About?

I promise most posts won’t be this rambly.  Also, I’m going to be talking a lot about content (obviously) which creates a bit of irony in that I’m sure my posts and this blog as a whole won’t be the greatest as far as good content.  I hope to try and make it the best, but do you see the dilemma I’m getting at?  Not all blog posts can be gold, for anyone.  Blogging is a cruel mistress (you’ll read that line a lot from me).

Before I go on too long let me recap.  This blog is about:

  • Who, what, where, why and how content is and used
  • Modern and creative SEO strategies that revolve around content creation and marketing (less of the technical side of SEO)
  • Blogging in general.  A blog about blogging.  Blogging inception.  How small/large businesses should use blogging.
  • Tools, templates, free goodies that make content strategy easier
  • How to spread good ideas
  • Popular and effective ad campaigns, off and online

Now, this being my first official post on OG Content, it means from here on out there will be a post on here every week for at least a year.  52 posts.  At least 52,000 words.  And this scares me.  It scares me because blogging is not an easy thing and anyone who tells you it is is not doing it well or has never tried.  Creating good content that people want to read day after day is not easy, for anyone.

One of the most difficult challenges facing me right now is patience.  About a month or two from now I am going to start checking my Google Analytics.  I’m going to be pulling my hair wondering why my traffic isn’t booming yet.  Why my posts aren’t showing up in the top 5 SERPs.  And that’s when it’s going to be hard to keep going.  But hopefully since I recognize this weakness of mine, it won’t rear its ugly head.  This phase of starting out is sort of what this blog  is about.  I want to pinpoint that time when this blog becomes sticky.  By sticky I mean traffic is steady, pages are being indexed regularly and overall rankings start to climb.  Now as an SEO I know there are various factors that go into this  but I tend to believe that there is a simple formula for creating this “stickiness” without much SEO involved.

The 3 Steps To A Sticky Blog

(this should probably be a blog post all on its own…)

  1. Post consistently – Google likes fresh content on sites and if you post at a constant interval, it will most likely index your site more often, or as often as it thinks you are going to be updating.
  2. Write longer posts – Neil Patel (of Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics) has said over and over that his 2,000 word posts always rank better than others.  For this blog I’m going to try to write at least 1,000 words per post but that can become quite a challenge (right now I’m at 1,041)
  3. Invite discussion – not only should your posts be physically shareable (add social share buttons) but you should inspire people to comment on your posts.  Ask questions, challenge a norm, be offensive (maybe just a little), do something unique, ask people for their input, etc.  The more conversation you can stir up, the more shares and the more traffic, but more importantly, the more loyal readership.

The OG Oath

So if you’ve made it this far I want to leave you with an oath.  This post was necessary to spill what I’ve been thinking about for the last couple weeks while trying to decided if I should start blogging again or not (I don’t take this blogging thing lightly).  I hate going to a business’ blog and seeing their last post was 5 months ago (it kind of makes my skin crawl).

My oath is this:

I promise to deliver unique, creative, idea-filled, and action-packed content that betters the life of the reader.

scott taft taking the og content oath

Blogging can be a selfish thing so that “bettering the life of the reader” part is particularly important to me.  I want you to keep reading every post, every week because you know you’ll get something good out of it.  That’s why I read the blogs I do.

So, without further ado, here’s to good content and to a year of blogging.  Here we go!


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