Brian Clark of Copyblogger on Making Money as a Blogger

Over the weekend I watched a keynote speech given by Brian Clark of Copyblogger for the Affiliate Summit West 2010 conference (official site).  Before that I had never considered monetizing my blog, but he brought up a few good points that made me realize, I’m already promoting products I love, I’m just not getting paid for it.  Watch Clark’s speech below.

A lot of bloggers (or new media entrepreneurs as Clark puts it) promote, criticize or recommend companies, products, and services all the time, even if they’re not getting paid to do it.  They do it because they genuinely care about sharing their opinion with readers.

Readers are pretty trusting.  Most of the time, if it is thoughtfully written and published on the internet, they’ll take it to heart.  The hitch is that as soon as a reader thinks they’re being sold something, they become skeptical and stop listening.

What I took away from Clark’s talk are these 3 things:

Passion Sells
If you’d buy what you’re selling, so will your readers.  They can spot shallow blog posts from a mile away so write about what you care about and the selling will be easy.

Copy Sells
It’s not enough to just include products or brands in your writing.  The headings and writing itself have to convince people to buy.  Clark makes a good point that just because the technology changes doesn’t mean the principles change.  Editorial copy can still make sells.  Clark says we can still learn a lot from the printed word.

Authority Sells
As bloggers, we’re all trying to build an audience and increase our traffic.  Giving up when the going gets tough doesn’t help anything.  Keep blogging, keep building and before you know you’ll have an audience that trusts your words and buys what you’re selling.

Watch Clark’s speech above – it’s inspiring stuff.  And if you’re already monetizing your blog (or you’d like to) share some of your advice or experience in the comments below.

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