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Find Your Target Audience With These 14 Free Tools

You have a lot of customers.

Hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions (if you're lucky). The problem is finding them.

What do they do online? What sites do they visit? Who do they follow? What do they share? What are their pain points? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself as you try discovering your target audience.

Without answering those questions, marketing your product or service is going to be an arduous journey so best start by finding out where and how your potential customers spend their time online. These tools are meant to help you get started in finding your next batch of targeted customers.

I've broken them down into a few of categories to make it a little more organized for you: Social, Surveys, Traffic, Keywords, Forums and Content. Let's get started!

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Earning Authority in Your Niche Isn’t as Complicated as You Think

Ask yourself this question: what do people want when they search the web?

They want answers. They want expert knowledge. They want to know the blogger they just discovered is an expert.

Why? Because who wants to hear from the novice? Who wants to know what the eighth tallest building is. Instead, we want the most profound, well-researched , entertaining and relevant content that exists.

Like Brian Dean said in his epic link building post, “it’s human nature to be attracted to the best.”

Stop overthinking your content strategy and start trying to be the best.

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12 Lessons About Content from 11 Tech Companies

There are a lot of companies on the web producing content, but to me, these are the ones doing it the right way. If you have examples of other companies doing content right, please share in the comments or tweet them to me @scotaft.

Admit mistakes

Buffer is one of those rare, truly authentic companies. Not only did they recently reveal every single employee's salary but they willingly reported the mistakes they made when originally launching.  People love hearing stories about their favorite products and even more about how they fail.  Buffer has proven that they listen to the needs of their users and learn from their mistakes.

Interview target customers (not about your product)

37 Signals, the ingenious creators of Basecamp, has a blog called Signal vs. Noise.  They often interview a company or a lean start-up that is bootstrapping their way to success.  These companies aren't necessarily Basecamp users but they are ideal customers.  By showcasing those target customers, they will attract more target, like-minded customers to their content. [Continue Reading...]

Speak Your Customer’s Language With These 5 Landing Page Strategies

I think we can all agree that landing pages work best when they are laser-focused.

When a visitor hits that page you want to give them the info they need quickly and then nudge them towards your conversion funnel.

Something I've noticed lately with landing pages (at least the good ones) is that they all have a hand-picked way of communicating. After looking at a handful of some of my favorite sites and companies I came up with 5 different strategies you can use to build your landing page copy, images and conversion strategy.

They are: Education, Emotion, Lifestyle, Features, and Social Proof. [Continue Reading...]

Why You Can’t Think of Your Next Blog Post

Are you a blogger?  Sure you are!  But why are you reading this and not out there writing?

Are you traipsing through the internet just to avoid that gnawing realization that you don't know what to write about?

Sure you are.

Why don't you know what to write about?  I know why, and I'm going to tell you.

Once I tell you, you'll know how to prevent this aimless search in the future so you don't end up lost in random sites and cat videos and instead, can get back to what really matters...writing.

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Brian Clark of Copyblogger on Making Money as a Blogger

Over the weekend I watched a keynote speech given by Brian Clark of Copyblogger for the Affiliate Summit West 2010 conference (official site).

Before that I had never considered monetizing my blog, but he brought up a few good points that made me realize, I'm already promoting products I love, I'm just not getting paid for it.

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