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Link Roundup #1: Make Your Blog Posts More Interesting

I do a lot of reading on the web (ok, mostly skimming).  But I absorb that skimming, which is the important part. And slowly as I collect my favorite articles and blog posts I start to build up an arsenal of resources. Occasionally I would like to share those resources I find most useful with you, centered around a specific topic.

This Link Roundup is focused on creating better and more interesting blog content.  If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one, these 5 articles can help make it a lot better (I refer to them often for inspiration and tips I might have missed).

I'm sure there are more (or better) articles out there as well so feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments!  Happy blogging! [Continue Reading...]

What deadmau5 Taught Me About Marketing

When Canadian tech-house DJ Joel Zimmerman dons his mechanical mouse head he commands thousands of rolling hipsters and meat heads with a wave of his hand.  One of the most popular DJs of this decade, deadmau5 has made a name for himself by his massive light shows, infamous headgear and catchy techno riffs.

But did Joel just get lucky or has he found the key to a secret world? [Continue Reading...]

Qualified Traffic: Is Your Content Attracting Buyers?

We all know content is important, but producing content for content's sake is a waste of time and money.

What's the point of content?  To attract more traffic right?  You want to build up your site's authority so that you can rank well for keywords and add as many channels into your site as possible.  The problem most people face is not increasing their traffic but rather increasing the right kind of traffic.  The interesting blog post or graphic better be related to your product or service or else you're looking a whole lot of bounces and very little conversions.

Attracting traffic that makes purchases depends heavily on producing content your customers are interested in. [Continue Reading...]

Just Write: A Published Post Beats A Saved Draft

Blogging is hard work.

Hell, not just blogging.  Writing is hard work.  Getting word after word onto a blank page can be like pulling teeth out of a starving hare's mouth.  But you do it.

Do you know why you do it?  Because you have to.  You have to because if you stop for a day, a week, or a month, it's going to make it that much harder to come back to it.  So you write.  Word after word to get a post finished so you can hit that beautiful publish button and move on. [Continue Reading...]

Monitor Your Competition’s Blog and Social Content With IFTTT

Keeping an eye on the competition is something a lot of SEOs forget to think about.  During the last CEO Swap, Wil Reynolds took a walk in Rand Fishkin's shoes as CEO of Moz.  His biggest takeaway about their new Moz Analytics product was that it is a limited in the ability of monitoring competitors.

If you're making some headway either with rankings or social content, you want to be able to know when your rival is coming up behind you, trying to beat you to the top. [Continue Reading...]

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Buzzwords

It’s a shame that the concept of buzzwords exists.

Buzzwords are original phrases used to describe new concepts but due to their overuse, become trendy and therefore eventually “out-of-style”. At least that’s my definition.

The word synergy comes to mind. It’s sort of the black sheep of buzzwords. In the 90s it was at the top of every corporate leader’s vocabulary and before long it was making people cringe. But synergy is a great concept. Synergy means that the combination of two or more forces is greater than their individual effect. Two heads are better than one. What’s so bad about that?

Buzzwords get a bad wrap because of the way they’re used, or overused I should say. You grasp firmly onto their syllables and twist them until the last drops of meaning have been drained. Some people thrive off of doing this. [Continue Reading...]
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