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In-Depth Articles: Worth Watching, Not Chasing

Google’s knowledge graph is expanding.  There are more search queries than ever that result in a quick answer provided directly by Google in the form of cards (see below).  Things like definitions, bios, important dates and others are being served quickly at the top of the results.

Although this is useful for quick answers, there are still searches out there that require more.  How many searches you ask?

According to the Daily Information Needs Study, Google discovered that about 10% of total searches require more than a “simple answer”.  This finding led to the installment of In-depth articles, a new element added to Google’s SERPs. [Continue Reading...]

How To Build Authority Online

What gives you authority online?

You have things to say and an infinite number of outlets, but what makes your content the end all, be all.

Recently I stumbled upon the writings of Demian Farnworth who writes for CopyBlogger and The Copy Bot.  Besides his wit and politely comical style, he offers genuine advice to aspiring web writers. [Continue Reading...]

Pillar Content: A More Organized Blog Strategy

The last blog I wrote for was a music blog.  I would try my best to stay up to date on new tracks and albums and write about my favorites each week.  It wasn’t hard.  It wasn’t time consuming.  It wasn’t working.

The more I posted, the more traffic I got but as soon as I stopped, the traffic dropped off.  There was no safety net.  I was only as good as my last post which was not a sustainable model for a blog (especially if you’re the only writer). [Continue Reading...]


This is the first post of OG Content, a blog I am starting that is about…well, content! Starting now, for a year, I will post once a week.  As an SEO and someone who preaches the power of small business blogging, I should practice what I preach and post as consistently as possible which is [...] [Continue Reading...]
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